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Art is good


I managed to get like 5000 score and got wrecked by 20 moving targets at once. Interesting idea. Funny enough I had controls like this once, when I tried doing stuff on a laptop that someone spilled water over the keyboard. Basically each keypress had some randomness attached to it :))

Next time, try avoiding those 20 moving targets :D

> spilled water over the keyboard

I've done something similar... would not recommend.

Thanks for playing!

5000 is pretty good!

Pretty cool. Maybe if the action indicators were closer to the character I wouldn't have to move my eyes around so much.

Thanks for playing! 

Yeah, I agree. It would be better if they were in another location.

Nicely done! I really liked the game mechanics, artwork, and SFX!


I enjoy the art but I sometimes have trouble understanding whats going on

Thanks for playing! There are definitely things that can be improved to make the gameplay better.  Especially the indicators for the thrusters and weapons and making the randomness a bit more player friendly. Anything specific that you had troubles with?


Really fun main mechanic! Only thing I would change is put the "next move" icon closer to the character so it's easier to see.

Yes we thought about that but when we put it in the bottom right or left corner you couldn't see the map so we decided that top left was the right answer. With more time we probably would've come up with a better solution


This could probably make a good mobile game with action buttons at the bottom middle near the character

That's actually a really good idea!


Fun game, loved the moveset and SFX work


Thanks for playing our game!